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Life in Greatek



Greatek is a human-based company and regards employees as the most important assets in Greatek. Therefore, we provide the most competitive salary, bonus and friendly workplace to our staff.

Competitive Salary System
Annual Salary Adjustment
Annual Bonus
Performance Bonus
Annual Employee Bonus

Perfect insurances
Besides from taking out employee compensation insurance, national health insurance on all employees, we also take out group comprehensive insurances to assure employee’s overall securities, including life insurance, accidental death insurance, health insurance, and cancer insurance, and provide consulting service for personal and home insurance without charge.

Retirement system and enforcement
According to the retirement system of the corporation, corporation will appropriate labor pension reserve funds monthly to workers as prescribed in Labor Standards Act, and corporation shall consist a worker-employer [Supervisory Committee of Worker’s Retirement Reserve Fund] to review and approve matters related to labor pension reserve funds.

For the employees who meet retirement requirements, two bases are given for each full year of service to those having served under 15 years; Those having served over 15 years are given two bases in the previous 15 years, and one base for each full year of service after 15 years; The total number of bases shall be no more than 45; Length of service is calculated as half year when it is less than six months and as one year when it is more than six months.

Start from July 1, 2005, for the employees who are applicable to the labor pension system prescribed in Labor Pension Act, the corporation shall appropriate six percent of the workers’ monthly wage to the individual account of labor pension of Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Complete Insurance and Retirement Plan
Every employee is entitled to labor insurance, health insure and contribution of pension fund, and group insurance.

We also provide insurance plan and consulting service to the employees

Welfare Plan
Subsidy for marriage, funeral and childbirth
Gift Check or subsidy for birthday, Labor Day, Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival

Care for your health
Regular health check up
Providing health care and counseling service
Clinic, Brest Feeding Room

Convenient Facility
Parking lot

Diversity Food Choice
Provides canteen and meal expenses subsidy
Family Mart

Association activities
Year-end Evening Party

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